Christmas countdown

We’re on the Christmas countdown!

So here we are again, We’ve had Halloween and Bonfire Night and so, that’s it, boom! –  we’re on the Christmas countdown!

And isn’t it funny, how it seems to take most of us, just a little bit by surprise?! Even though we know it comes around at the same time every year…

We began to market our corporate Christmas Cards from September (Yep, it was a bit weird, seeing as it was still t-shirt weather!); mainly because experience tells us that we will receive enquiries from a handful of clients, so it’s better to have things in place ready to go!

Now, while planning your Christmas Cards in September is commendable, it’s by no means a necessity and as long as you can get them to drop in the first week of December you can still benefit from sending a Christmas Card to your clients.

So why should your business send a Christmas Card?

  • It’s a great reason to contact a client or prospect to remind them you’re there.
  • Because an emailed Christmas Card is such a no no! Imagine how you’d feel if a family member sent you an e-card on your birthday – not that special, huh?
  • Because so many businesses don’t! Therefore, it puts you right up there as a standout company wanting to go that little bit further.
  • Longevity. If you have your Christmas Card delivered on December 1st, it’s going to be on prominent display for at least another month – now that’s an effective piece of DM…
  • ‘tis the season… (to look for new suppliers). Many businesses will review their suppliers at the end of the year. A Christmas Card will help keep you ‘front of mind’.

If you would like more information on our range of Corporate Christmas Cards, just follow this link; prices start from only 28p per card, and you’ll see we’ve got a great range of images you can use as well.

TOP TIP! –  Post your Christmas Cards later than December 15th and you’re really wasting your money!

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