Embedding fonts within a PDF

Embedding fonts in a PDF

It is important that when you supply files to us, or indeed any printer, that you check that you have embedded all the fonts. This ensures that your PDF uses the same version of the fonts as your original document – no matter where you open the PDF or what fonts are installed on that system.

To clarify – not all fonts that have the same name, are the same font. This go backs to the days of lead type and depending on the foundry the lead type came from it would be a slightly different version of that typeface. That has carried over into todays digital world.

Therefore if you do not embed your version of the font you have used, when your printer opens  the document to print your document, the document will use his version of that font and this could cause text changes and line breaks that you had not anticipated.

Here is a step by step guide on ‘How to embed your font’s‘ when using Acrobat X Pro.

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