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It’s always worth checking…

We’ve all done it, let’s be honest!
The most simple thing, we just need to get it done quickly…

But when it comes to sending things to print, it’s always better to get someone else to give it a ‘once over’ before you send it off to print.

I bet these people wish they had!

And it’s not just spelling…

Percentages Percentages 2

Creative Kids Software

A common mistake, this one…

Palm Reading

Oh dear…

Stratford Hall - Detail

You see, It’s all in the ‘detail’!


How many letters are really missing?


All the right letters, just not in the right order!

Southbend Billboard

How on earth did this one get through…

As you can see. It can happen very easily – in some cases on a grand scale (Southbend – we feel your pain!). So before you send that file, take a break and give it one final look or ask someone else to read it because you never know, it might be your project next time!

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