Print Guidelines

Print guidelines to supply your files for print

Print Guidelines

We’re often asked “how should we supply our artwork?” – our answer is nearly always the same –  ‘Print Ready PDF’.

A PDF looks just like the original file and preserves all the original source file information, including fonts, photos and graphics and your PDF will look the same on virtually any platform including MAC OS, Windows, Android and iOS for iPhone and iPad.

This makes it an ideal format to send to print and ensures the leaflet or brochure that you designed, looks the same when it is delivered. Follow the print guidelines below to ensure your files are supplied in the correct format eliminating delays and costly reprints.

You should supply us with a Press Quality PDF and always look to embed all fonts and include bleed and crop marks. You can download a free PDF creator here if you don’t have access to one.

Print Guidelines:

  • Supply high resolution PDF file, with 2.5mm bleed and crop marks. (10mm for large format)
  • Ensure that you embed all fonts
  • Please also make sure that you use a separate page for each side/page that you want printed.
  • Large solid black print areas, not text, should be made up as a ‘super black’ of 100% black and 40% each cyan, magenta & yellow.
  • Leave at least a 4mm blank border between the edge of the printed sheet and any text or design on the sheet. (10mm for large format)
  • If you are unable to submit a PDF document, we can prepare printable PDF’s for you from your native files such as Word, PowerPoint, Publisher and Illustrator etc. but there may be a charge for this depending on the amount of work required.

Please call us on 01603 397 704 if you are unsure of what to do or if you have any queries.

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