Roller Banners

Our Roller Banners come in a number of different formats and widths to suit all budgets and situations.Diplomat Duo Roller Banner

Our entry level Raptor Roller Banner is ideal for occasional use but if you’re looking to use your banner on a regular basis you should look to buy one of our higher quality banners such as the Greenwich or the Frontier.

We also supply the Senator Duo. This is a double sided roller banner and the super-sized Piccadilly weighing in at a massive 2m x 3m!

If you need a roller banner for outside use you should consider the Thunder. Please bear in mind though that when we say outdoor we mean sheltered sunny day ‘outdoors’ not howling autumn gale ‘outside’!

Our final offering is the Diplomat Duo Roller Banner our Premium quality double sided roller banner.

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Beware of cheap roller banners

Some suppliers will offer you super cheap banners. Before you order one of these, check out the material that they are printing onto as quite often they will use a standard PVC.

The good news is that you will pay less. The BAD news is that the banner will not sit flat – PVC tends to curl quite badly on the long edges. Furthermore, standard PVC will not block out the light from the back so when there is lighting behind you will be able to see the silhouette of the pole showing through.

All our roller banners – even the entry level Raptor Roller Banner – are printed on SoFlat grey backed light stop material meaning your banner will look good no matter its surroundings.

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