Business Card Printing

What does your business card say about you?

Business Card printing is as important to us as any other item we print because we understand the importance of those ‘first impressions’.

– It could be argued that the business card is your best value marketing tool!

Have you ever thought what your card says about you and your business?

It’s generally the first thing that a new contact receives from you – certainly in a face to face meeting. And so it’s key to creating that first impression of you and your business.

But many businesses under estimate the value of the business card – and we should know!

You see, we print tens of thousands of business cards every year. And I’ve got to say, we see some brilliant cards – but we also see some shockers too!

You know the ones, they’re flimsy and the solid areas of colour are streaky and shiny…

Quite often it’s false economy to buy these cards, as the cost of a flimsy, digital business card can be similar to that of a good quality, litho printed card.

There’s a wide range of stocks you can choose from; uncoated from 300gsm to 600gsm, you might prefer a smooth silk finish or even have your card printed on a credit card thickness plastic.

For those with a bigger budget you could even look to use one of the fabulous papers from the GF Smith range.

Special finishes can include gloss or matt lamination, spot gloss varnish, silver or gold foil – you can even have your card shaped in a way that complements your branding.

So take a look at your business card. Does it give the right first impression?

760gsm Plastic Card300gsm Silver Foil Business Card

450gsm Soft Touch Business Card600gsm Uncoated Business Card

400gsm Matt Lam Shaped Business Card400gsm Spot Gloss Business Card

280gsm Gloss Credit Card 330gsm Appointment Card 400gsm Gloss Business Card 400gsm Spot Gloss Folding Busines Card

To discuss your Business Card printing or to request some samples just give us a call on 01603 397704