Sometimes it just needs to be printed

It just needs to be printed!

In business we’re always looking at ways that we can reduce costs and improve efficiency.

It makes good business sense, and print on the face of it, can be seen as an overhead that can be easily replaced by a digitally hosted version on a website.

Do you remember when we used to buy software or video games in a box and the heaviest item in the box was the manual?

Well these businesses have long replaced their printed manuals with online versions – when was the last time you actually bought your software in a box anyway? Yep, me neither…

With these electronic documents a supplier can be sure that the most recent version is available to users and outdated or incorrect literature is removed.

But we still buy plenty of ‘stuff’ that need instructions and the ‘quick start up’ guides.

But be warned –  uploading them all to a website isn’t always the best option – as this video amusingly highlights!

Sometimes it just needs to be printed..!

(Video – Domtar Corporation)

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