Supply Images files for print

Supplying Image Files for Print

Have you ever had the email from us that says there’s a problem with an image in your artwork?

You might not be surprised to hear that we send that email quite regularly but it could be so easily avoided if you followed these basic guidelines when you created your artwork.

The best possible format for any photos/images that you use in your artwork is TIFF (.tif). These files are ‘lossless’ in quality – they keep all the characteristics of the original file (even when using LZW compression) and are the ‘numero uno’ choice for images.

Sometimes you might not have a TIFF file but there are still alternatives that you can use.

JPEG (.jpg) files are compressed files and use ‘lossy’ compression to do this. In basic terms this removes data to make the file smaller and depending on which JPEG quality option you chose when saving will lessen or increase the data that is removed. So if you are using a JPEG file use the best quality possible. This will create a bigger file and bigger files make better quality files.

PNG files are another choice for lossless quality.

GIF files should not be used in any circumstances as this file type is just not suitable for print.

So to sum up…

Supplying Image Files for Print

  • Use TIFF files where possible in your artwork.
  • Hi quality JPEG are a 2nd best alternative
  • DO NOT use GIF formats for print
  • When buying a stock image always buy the better quality version – particularly when producing large format banner work

When you create the PDF file of your final artwork always ensure you also chose the maximum quality option – generally named ‘Commercial’ or ‘Press’ quality.


If you have any queries, please give us a call on 01603 397 704 and we will be pleased to help!

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