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When Signage Goes Wrong!

It’s so easy to get caught out when you’re designing for print and these examples highlight some of the pitfalls and what happens when signage goes wrong.

You might have seen this first example of signage calamity – it was all over social media recently but it’s a cracker!

Bury Animals

With just a little thought this could have been avoided but, as it stands, it gives such an unfortunate slant on animal welfare in Bury!












Turkish Airlines

Turkish Airlines have done themselves no favours with this piece of promotion. I’m not a particularly keen flyer myself, and this certainly wouldn’t help me fly Turkish Airlines!











Quit School - When signage goes wrong

Now an example of vehicle signage, and this school bus appears to be promoting a controversial opinion on education!



















Some of you may have heard of ‘kerning’ but for those of you that haven’t, it’s the adjustment of the space between individual letters. This sign maker needed to increase it between the ‘L’ and the ‘I’…

Newport Aquarium

Really!?! At the aquarium!


Albuquerque WTF

The marketing professional who designed these banners obviously doesn’t do social media!



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